ToughLeague- Toss N' Wash, At it's finest.
The best quality "Green Tea" in the world. We source from vendors that live directly at the source. Unlike most vendors that live in the big city, and have nothing to do with the agriculture or harvesting process. Our vendors take a five min boat ride to the source, even help in the process of picking the leaves. And talking to the Farmers to make sure the quality of the harvest is top notch. After the leaves are fresh picked, they are then brought back to the vendors workshop, where they are all washed and prepared to be sun dried in a sterile "greenhouse" like shelter. After the leaves are dried they are then crushed and grounded into a fine powder, And sent directly to me within a week. From harvest to my Store It takes  maximum of two weeks most orders are at your door within three weeks of harvest.
giving you the best quality, And I am proud of having the best customer service. I hope you enjoy the Product. My main goal is to make you happy.